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Originally Posted by london View Post
Nope, I still can't see how anything changes once you drop the expectation to have metamours that you like. A house rule such as no smoking should be maintained by my partner and if I don't want to spend time with my metamour whilst s/he is in our home, I'll go somewhere else so we don't share the same space.
Nope. Can't even guarantee the shared partner would be here. So-nope.

Same rule for kids-WHATEVER ADULT is present deals with whatever problem crops up with kids in our house. Doesn't matter whose kids. There are house rules and the kids are expected to follow them.
Now-if it happens REPEATEDLY then yes-we will take away the invitation for being here.
But we expect everyone to be responsible for the situation they are involved in AS IT HAPPENS.

Absolutely house rules should be shared before the person is brought into the environment when feasible. But if something crops up in the moment-I can guarantee that anyone standing/sitting here will feel free to tell the new party that they need to adjust their shit.
Our FRIENDS who don't live here would be comfortable looking at a new date and saying "yeah-not in the house dude! Take it outside-the bucket is by the shed, don't throw butts on the ground!"

Hell-for that matter if someone lit up a smoke-the kids would tell them too.

There isn't any "pass the buck" in our house.
We are each individually responsible for handling a problem when we see it arise..
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