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Default A Slight Return

Upon revisiting this forum after some time away, my mistakes are painfully obvious, as well as my love.

I live in California now. I have been holed up in paradise for 16 months, learning, working and soaking in sunshine. In 19 days, I will be returning home.

Rarechild and I ended our marriage in November of 2011. We will be legally divorced in November of this year. We have agreed to hold contact until then so that we may both heal.

Charlie and I haven't spoken in a very, very long time.

Over the course of the last week, I have poured over mountains of text; records of events that were amazingly contradictory to my memory.

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
Maya Angelou

I am very grateful for the journals, blogs, emails and art that have chronicled my relationship with Rarechild. The perspective I have gained through re-learning my past has broken free my heart again. Compassion is the key to healing.

The path to my present state, metaphorically and physically, has been a long journey through many phases of grief. The ones we love most will inevitably lead us to face our deepest emotions.

I mark the important moments of my life with music. This one captures my heart's memory well.

Kalamazoo Gospel
Concern yourself less with love and more with loving.
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