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hi. i just finished your blog from start to finish (new here as of earlier this month) and i'm rooting for you.

i am sorry you're having to keep a "score card" now with susan and her new relationship. don't get me wrong, it is just my opinion, but if you are feeling you need to keep score of the time she spends on-line with you and her new boyfriend then something just doesn't sit right with me. i didn't know love was a competition but your writing shows that it is for you. i have no experience myself with NRE but it sounds like that is what susan is experiencing with daley.

during this time that she's with her new guy (on-line) maybe spend some time with your wife, kids (but with the 1500 distance you must be up later) or just find a new chat room to make new on-line friends. keeping a score card is a way to keep track of your jealousy and at some point, i worry, you may confront her about daley has 10 and dave has 0. from how you've described susan, this won't bode too well for her and she might pull away from you. also you could just let her know that you're feeling jealous, you understand the nre with daley but for your need to have time with her, if she could give it to you first x times a week would be great.

good luck and i look forward to reading more of your blog.
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