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Originally Posted by CattivaGattina View Post
How do you do that? How do you stay civil towards a person you have nothing but disgust for?
I don't have any experience of this with poly, but I frequently used to spend weeks visiting my MIL with Gralson. She hated my guts from the word "go" so she was always on my case.

The only way is lots and lots of avoidance, mentally counting ten before speaking, and realizing that anything mean they say is just them being self-centred twerps and nothing wrong with you yourself.

And how do you turn off caring/loving someone so you can be in a house with them and not break down when they aren't there anymore?
I don't think you can in such a tight time frame. Again, I would probably resort to avoidance. It's by no means a great way to go through life, but you're in survival mode right now. Stay out as much as possible, stay in your room when you need to be home, spend time with good friends and family for support. Maybe get a part time job so you're out more, and incidentally making extra money to help with the move?
As I am sure any cat owner will be able to tell you,
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