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Nice feeback all,

And in the end it may not really be important if everyone has a single (or very similar) definition of love. But I think many problems arise between people simply because they are not clear on each others definitions/understanding. There's a certain 'assumption' that hides in the shadows. Of course we all know about assumptions

So these two explanations/descriptions are both interesting & similar takes...

Originally Posted by RedSiren
Now - the way I view love (as someone without children) is a series of active choices.
Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
The person I love the most is the one I give the means to hurt me the most without fear that they will do so.
So here it seems we have an approach that your love - or loving, is very much a 'choice'.
But is it ? Really ?
Do you think it would be possible to throw that switch 'off' - to 'choose' otherwise - to stop loving those who you feel love for ? Granted you might 'choose' to stop certain expressions of it if you were forced to - but could you intentionally cancel what you feel in your heart ?

Because if not - then this love thing is something more than choice.

So now what ??????

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