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I wish I knew. When I was in the process of getting a divorce (and even post-divorce), my ex was aghast that I wanted to move out, to the point of using the kids as a means to guilt me into staying ("Why would you move out during the school year? I thought you'd at least wait until summer, so they don't have to deal with this on top of school.").

I ended up hanging out with the kids until they went to bed, then sequestering myself into my bedroom for the rest of the night. Not optimal living arrangements, by any means.

My ex didn't get it - even to the point of asking me if he was doing something to piss me off because I wouldn't sit in the living room and watch TV with him anymore.

Good luck. I had to get out ASAP, both for my own sanity, and for other reasons (thinking that my mom needed a place to go for her own health reasons). I hope you find something better than "hole up in the bedroom when they're home".
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