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Originally Posted by Flowerchild View Post you at that particular sentence.of mine, totally missing the.point.
I don't think I'm the one missing the point. You claimed that "everyone on here" is concerned about what their potential dates will think. No one said that they're afraid of being judged by people for wearing a ring or not. What they're afraid of is being completely written off over a silly little thing like being married.

Most single people look at wedding rings as flashing neon signs that announce "I am not available. Do not try to pick me up, it's a waste of time. Failure to comply will result in complete and utter rejection." It doesn't mean these potential dates can't handle a married person or that they are afraid of being seen as part of an affair. It simply means that these potential dates have a limited emotional capacity for rejection, and it's pointless to waste it on people who are likely to be unavailable, e.g. most people who wear wedding rings in Western society.

Some married monogamous people get down right infuriated if they're hit on, emphasizing the ring as being a very clear indication that they're not available. In a culture like that, it's hardly deceptive to take off your ring just to avoid sending out a wrong signal. Besides, in a culture where committed partnerships outside of marriage are so common, a naked finger hardly means you're single. So the only real message you're sending by not wearing a wedding ring is "I am not wearing a wedding ring." Anything else is presumption on behalf of the observer.

btw, I can actually hear your attitude from across the entire internet. I'm not illiterate and I don't need you to speak slowly with emphatic periods so I'll be sure to understand. I need you to speak clearly and emphasize that which you actually believe to be most important. If something is incidental, then don't refer to it using language like "the question" or "only concern."
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