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Giggle-DH-you crack me up.
In real life I"m forever telling people that "poly" as it's most frequently used really doesn't encompass who I am.
I just love a lot of people.

I say that-because I have friends who are more "family" than "friends" by definition. I love them.
I have friends who are more than 'just friends' but we aren't lovers-but in all other ways we are as intimate as I am with lovers... I just love them.

I have two lovers. I love them.

And kids-OMG.
Yeah-there's my 3 biological children. My stepson, my godson, my two girls (who I call "the girls") and it just keeps going and going and going. How do you define? Silly.

I just love them.

Now-if we want to talk SEX-that is different. I have sex with my two lovers.

But we could discuss sexy and that makes a whole new mess! I love to flirt and flaunt and be racy and suggestive and....
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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