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I have been working very hard on the communications side of things. However, in the past it has always been me dealing with her problems not the other way around. Today she told me that she can definitely see my pain and can almost feel it. However she had always backed away from painful situations in the past as a survival mechanism. So she doesn't know what to do and my pain causing her pain makes her annoyed with me. To the point where she can't help me and leaves me to deal with things on my own. I've mentioned some things to help start easing my pain, such as a hug to raise dopamine levels. But when she is annoyed with me she can't do that.
To add insult to injury she had been focusing on her job and internship, which is good on the career side, but she admitted that it distracts her from thinking about relationship problems. Then she goes and gets her NRE fix with her boyfriend while I get little guy duty (meaning I have no car either during that time)and then the week starts over again.
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