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Default don't be ridiculous

Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
You're more worried about what strangers will think than your own spouse, your dates, or yourself? I can't imagine living my life that way.

Gralson can't wear his ring at work (dangerous industry). After a long day, his fingers swell and that prevents the ring from going back on. So he usually leaves it in the bathroom. I suppose when we go out on dates, people might assume I'm having an affair with him because I'm wearing a ring and he's not. If I allowed other people's thoughts to control my behaviour, then worrying about this means I couldn't even go out on dates with my own husband.

What matters is that I know I'm not having an affair. I'm sure strangers think all kinds of things about me. Good for them.

Ironically, my girlfriend does wear her wedding ring when we go out. I suppose this means strangers are more likely to believe I'm married to my girlfriend than my husband. How amusing!
Of course not. I'm saying I would never date someone who needed to see a ring as a reminder that myself or a partner were married. I'm saying my.only concern is what strangers would think, and I doubt I could ever date a married person who wouldn't consider my feelings in this matter.
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