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I must have missed something ....The assumption is he hasn't been expressing his displeasure with all the things listed in all his threads. It also seems impossible that she wants to embark on a poly relationship while being married ( and wanting to stay married ) and not listen to said issues and concerns ...real or imagined. And after listening to said issues and concerns she might curb certain stressing behaviors ....maybe just maybe check in and ask how he doing ...communication being the key. But oddly it seems like she's doing the exact opposite. Creating more distance between them. So either you are to stoic and shy to talk with your wife and youre a great actor to cover your moods or she hears and sees you and doesn't care. Right now the panel seems split. I assume at the very least she can read your moods. I also assume anyone who has agreed to go down this path has enough communication skills to voice problems and issues.

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