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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post

OK, it took me a minute to realize that you said if you have an issue with their boss... At first I was imagining a situation where Maca comes home complaining about his boss being a jerk, and you call up the boss and tell him off. Recently, Gralson had some trouble with some bullshit at work. I'm just trying to imagine how much he'd freak the fuck out if I called up his supervisor and stuck my nose into his professional life like that. It would not go over well, let's leave it at that. But I don't think that's at all what you're talking about. If he brought home a coworker who proceeded to wear muddy boots through the house, you can bet your ass I wouldn't sit there waiting for Gralson to do something about it.
Giggle-no-he has all sorts of venting to do about work. That's not my business except to patiently listen.
I meant if I had an issue.
He does work for a small company-his boss is married to a lady I grew up with and Maca does consider him a friend.
The prior boss-did actually call me periodically about things such as wanting to send Maca out of town for work-because the company is run on the basis of family first. So they try to work with the families in so much as possible.
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