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Maybe I need to give a little more background ... We met in 2003. One year after being together my girlfriend "Chelsea" met "Kitty". Chelsea and I became engaged in 2005 new year's eve ... Kitty was there and she said yes to marry me. Making me the "primary" lover. After 4 years kitty and Chelsea called it quits. We were to be married Nov. Of 2008 but one month before wedding day her father died. She was distraught and I didn't press her and told her we could marry whenever she wanted. After 9 years I met "Patrick" I started a relationship with him as well. About a year after Chelsea said she met a married couple she wanted to "play" with I said sure go ahead. She left town for 1week came back and said she was moving in with the married couple. She assured me it wouldn't affect our relationship I told her to go and I am here when u come back. We talk in the phone everyday since she gas been gone sometimes still hours at a time. Her first visit back Chelsea we were laying on the couch and kissing and went to the room and she said "I can not do anything sexual with you because he would be upset and one of the conditions of me being here he made me promise I wouldn't have sex with any men when I came back home" ... I was flabbergasted ... I asked if he knew I am your fiance she said yes. I felt a little struck because I never put stipulations on her and. Vice versa and suddenly a stranger to me has become a wedge between us. I just needed advice on what I should do .. if anything? Is it my place to complain? Or even talk to her about it or continue to be the man in waiting?
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