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FWIW? My responses.

How are poly relationships supposed to grow with such little availability?
With the expectation that they will grow much more slowly than if lots of time were available. (This assumes there is mutual interest in growing something together. Endless time would not be of help if there is no interest at all!)

How fair is it to the person(s) we are dating?
Assuming they sign up to date you in the first place and you make them aware of your time available? They prob are cool with it. Otherwise why would they still hang around to date ya?

Could expect the other person let you know if you meet their "time spent with me" needs or not.

Will the person(s) we date be just as busy (assuming we are dating within our age of 30 to 40)?
Could ask them what their time available for YOU is when you date them. Then you know if they are just as busy as you and if their available time meets YOUR "spend time with me" needs.

That's what the dating time is for. To find the compatible ones.


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