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Default Taking a stand

Some UU ministers have taken stands not to sign marriage licenses until every member of their individual congregations who is partnered can enjoy the same privileges of marriage as heterosexual couples.

I have found that a few of the UU churches I know of, including the one I went to last Sunday, spoke of the particular situation those in LGBTQ relationships face including issues of filing federal taxes. Even if their marriage is recognized on a state level, federally it is not. I spoke with a lesbian couple yesterday who described the rigmarole filing taxes turns into, including filling out a "dummy" federal form so they can give those figures on the state level even while they file another form altogether federally.

While I don't care for marriage as it currently stands as a monogamous government sanctioned institution in the U.S., I do feel heartened and inspired by the stands UU ministers and ministers of other faiths take towards encouraging equality and being the change when it comes to love.

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