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Default A great weekend

Hello all, since their seem to be some people still reading the blog I have a few minutes to update. The weekend came in again with me working friday evening and J coming back home after a long week friday evening as well. J and D as you know always get friday as "their night" and had made plans for a dinner date. J got back and he and D went out for the evening. They had a nice dinner in town and were going to go to a local place for a little music and a drink but as J got back later then he thought and D having to work saturday they came back home. After some cuddle time they retired to the bedroom for a nice night of pleasure and then cuddle time till morning. D said it was good and as you all know she loves to cuddle up in our arms to sleep. Must have been a good night, when I got back the house was dark, not a sound to be heard and D said she overslept her alarm in the morning almost being late for work. J got up with her and made her morning coffee but due to his long week and the early hour went back to bed. Both were gone by the time I got up as saturday is about the only day I get to sleep J took his son school shopping and then to lunch, I mowed and gardened and D came home after work all smiles.. Grilled out, J went to a family thing with his daughter for the evening. D and I went out for an evening coffee then she hit the hay due to her working early.....She did wake up for a nice "romp" when I came to bed even though I was going to let her sleep......was fantastic though . Sunday brought more work around the house, Helped J get some things from his old place into his truck and then stored them at our place. Nice grilled steak dinner and D and my son was over to have dinner with us, was nice as he hadn't been in town for about 3 weeks so seeing him made us happy. Later in the eveing the 3 of us cuddled up on the couch with D in the middle, both of us holding and stroking her to her delight...was very nice for the 3 of us to relax for a while and just chat. D was glad to have us both there in a non sexual way for the evening. J went to get some sleep before work and D said she would like to join him for a while so off they went. Not much going on at first but as always they couldn't resist each other and sounded like they had some fun....actually confirmed when D came to our bed later on and cuddled up next to me. J is off for another week of work but the weekend will be coming around again....J and D may go away for a day or 2 with my encouragement to spend some "alone time". NRE aside I feel they should have some whole days/nights together for this to work long term and they feel the same. If it works out I am sure I will have some anxiety over it but I know D is in good hands and nothing bad will happen. On a good note J is becoming more settled every week. He and I have plans to finish his room our after we get the new roof we are having put on and also we are planning on a new deck/porch to "our home" as he now calls it much to D's Will update again with anything new, have a great day everyone!!
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