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At first I thought the idea of defining love was too big and too complicated to explain. I then realized the error I was making was in my approach. I was trying to think about how I define love in a way that could apply to everyone.

I am a believer in finding truth and understanding internally with only guidance from external sources. If I draw upon the theories of others I accept that the information is theirs, not mine or anyone else’s. It may coincidentally be the same but will not dictate or convert my own internal discoveries or beliefs.

To help narrow down the type of love I am speaking about it is not the kind I have for family, friends or my daughter. It is the type of love I have specifically for Redpepper.

For me:

Love is trust.

Depth of love is determined by the level of trust.

The level of trust is determined by the willingness to make myself vulnerable.

Ultimate vulnerability is achieved by complete openness.

Total love is total vulnerability and the knowledge that I am safe in exposing myself to that person (or persons if you'r poly)

“The person I love the most is the one I give the means to hurt me the most without fear that they will do so.”

That is the kind of love I have for Redpepper and her alone.

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