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Originally Posted by Delphinius View Post
My husband used an alias on OKC when he had a profile (b/c of concerns of being outed), do most people do that?
Originally Posted by AlwaysGrowing View Post
What kind of an alias?

I am very out there online. My photo is linked to multiple local poly groups on meetup and fetlife, and I have multiple recognizable photos on OKC. It really wouldn't make much sense to deny it if confronted.
Most people on online dating sites don't use their actual names as usernames for the sites. I would think that is the logical thing to do. It's not just about hiding what you do, it is about staying safe on the internet, from identity theft and other possible crimes and mayhem. I always wonder what people are thinking when I come across the occasional username like FirstnameLastnameZipcode. It's like asking for trouble!
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