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I worry (as I often do :P) that I'm subconsciously withdrawing from family that I'm not comfortable sharing my 'polyness' with. I find myself not keeping in touch as often as I used to, which is why I think about just telliing my family and then dealing with any consequences. I was a little irked that my hubby's new girlfriend is being totally open with most people about their relationship and we discover that she works with my aunt! I'm over the initial annoyance and as far as we know, my aunt hasn't heard anything yet. But there again lies the solution, be open and then no one gets to 'find out' in that way. I cringe at the thought however, I'm just not that extroverted, I'm not that open with people, very private except with those I'm closest to. There seems to be an almost even split with people who are 100% open and those who are just open with those they choose to share it with.
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