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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
So "our sex life is to be held as our dirty little secret or we aren't having it"? What were you so afraid of? Were they going to publish your sexlife on the internet? Were they going to go to your kids school and tell the teachers? Were they going to discuss their new intimate sexual partner with their current intimate sexual partner?

Is your sex life really so illicit and depraved that it needs to be kept under lock and key?
It's not a dirty little secret, it's simply nobody else's business. Just as I don't go around telling everyone how much I earn or the contents of my latest bowel movement, nobody needs to know if I give a good blow job or make squeaky chipmunk noises in the heat of the moment unless they're the one with me at the time. Privacy and secrecy are two very different things, no matter how hard you try to conflate them.
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