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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
So you snipped out the "all" from "I hate to break it to you."
Oh, sorry... I actually misread that as "I hate to break it to you and all". I'm not on the general forums as much as the blog section, and it slipped my mind that your comment may not be directed at me specifically as the OP. Whoops.

Yeah, in retrospect "Letting" wasn't the best word to describe things.

I may be reiterating my initial post, but thought I'd try to put it in another way...

The simplest way for me to be able to write freely in the way I want to write, is if my partners don't read my blog.

They know that, and because of that have respected this as my own space.

In order for me to continue to feel I can write freely, while knowing that my partners may be reading my blog, is to me a specific negotiation that I (and they) know we need to have. Neither of them want me to stop me being able to blog how I want to. If, for example, they were unwilling to stop reading when I needed them to stop reading, then I would stop writing.

So, yeah... it's really very little like "letting" and more about trying to make a space the way we all want it.

Of course there are people (and possibly other lovers) who know me and who may come across this public blog. Not too stressed about that, but to be honest I hadn't turned my mind to it too much. It's certainly something to keep in mind - as you said.

In terms of the partners I mentioned, they knew I blogged here and could find the link if they wanted to. One actually ended up reading my blog a while back though he'd agreed not to, which was definitely a once-off, and interesting to work through. He's the one who is currently not sure if he wants to read it anymore.

Thanks for your input.
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