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Originally Posted by fuchka View Post
Woah, dude.

I understand where you're coming from. I'm not sure you understand where I am... but that's okay.
So you snipped out the "all" from "I hate to break it to you." Aside from your usage of the word "letting" in the thread title, you didn't really say anything about "allowing" other people to read it, only whether or not you should "be ok with it." Some other people gave (what seemed to me as) as stronger indication that they were actively trying to prevent their people from seeing their posts.

The point I was trying to get at is that no one has the ability to "let" their partners or friends read their public posts. But you are completely correct when you say/imply that you can ask your partners to agree not to read your posts. Ironically, that would require you to show them exactly where they are, so they know what it is they're not supposed to read. Otherwise, they might unknowingly stumble upon it (since it's anonymous) and only realizes a few posts in that they're reading your blog.

It's just like the diary you keep in the bottom drawer of your bedside table. You can ask them not to read it, but at the end of the day, you have to trust that they're respect your privacy.

I definitely admit that when Gralson is reading over my shoulder, I think a little longer before typing something out. Usually I brain-dump through the keyboard, and then edit out [most of] the garbage. But when he's reading over my shoulder, I tend to censor myself at an earlier stage. It definitely interferes with my thought process, and usually I end up finishing the post I'm working on and then closing the window. He has no time or interest for browsing the forum on his own, so I don't think about that.
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