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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
So I hate to break it to you...
Woah, dude.

I understand where you're coming from. I'm not sure you understand where I am... but that's okay.

Yup, this is a public forum. And it's in a way ridiculous to be even having this discussion, right?

But it actually is not ridiculous. This is a real dynamic/negotiation for at least some people who blog on here. To keep this still safe as a (yes, public) space for someone to write in

if you're posting things you believe they'd rather not have disclosed even anonymously, and you're worried that they might read it, then that's probably an indication that you should shut your mouth and keep their secrets to yourself.
I guess this is the crux of that issue. To most people (I assume) reading my blog on here, the characters would be anonymous. But for people who know me, the people will not be. Is this an issue? Would I write differently if I thought the people would be identified? Should I be using the latter standard anyway, on a public forum? (I'd say - not necessarily?)

I don't really share secrets about other people's lives (and I agree with your shut-your-mouth comment). But I was thinking about the intimate details about how I relate to a particular person or think about them.

Would I always have to think about how someone may feel, if other people they knew read about them?

Yeah, maybe I do.

But, I don't

That said, I would obviously stop writing about someone if they specifically asked me to.
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