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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I recently spoke to Redpepper about the concept that people could be sexually compatible but not compatible in their sexuality. In essence - they can have great sex together, enjoy a wide variety of things in one environment or situation but have very different interests in sexuality as a whole.

I will take an attempt at an analogy. Take a person who loves to play catch. They spend lots of fun time playing catch with a good friend in the back yard and then their friend says "hey, why don't you come out and play a game with me sometime" The reply is "no thanks, I just like playing catch".

So now we might have a case where one person can't understand why someone who loves playing catch doesn't want to involve themselves in a game. The other person can't understand the need to add all the other aspects to what is an otherwise enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Their "catch compatible" but not "game compatible"

Think of catch as sexually compatible and the game as sexuality as a whole.

Obviously there is only a problem if one person says "if you don't play a game I won't play catch with you" or "I don't want to play catch with you if you play games".

I'm wondering what others thoughts are on this? Does the concept of sexually compatible and compatible sexuality make sense?
I'm actually curious at to how you are defining "sexuality". And then looking at your analogy, I'm thinking that compatible sexuality would be playing catch while sexually compatible would be the game as a couple may like the same activities or have the same drive, but they do not have the chemstry required to be sexually compatible.

This analogy also holds true for the basic idea of sex and relationships. Some people like sex and want sex, but are not interested in relationships beyond sex.

Ok, my brain is everywhere right now...but those are the thoughts that came to mind when I read through the topic. Take what you will fro it and leave the rest.
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