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Originally Posted by Vexxed View Post
I was wondering if your anxiety was more about "getting it up", as many of the people replying seem to have though, or about your looks (your perception), or your skills in bed.
Glenn clarified later in the thread that he was in fact talking about not being able to "get it up".

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Well my wife is fine when it does happen, which occasionally occurs for a phase. And while I have no doubt that L will be totally fine as well, it just is bothersome and frustrating as she's really hot and I can't sport an erection . . .
Originally Posted by Vexxed View Post
Again, I sure do sympathize with you. I just bought a book that focuses on giving pleasure without the use of the penis (though penetration is used). Maybe reading such a book would be helpful to you as well.
If the issue is "I can't seem to give someone enjoyment in bed" then it would make sense to define the solution as learning better technique for giving pleasure.

If the issue is "I am insecure for various reasons, causing me to have performance anxiety which sometimes results in limp-dick" then it would make sense to define the solution as learning to concentrate on having a good time instead of focusing on "performance" or "an erection".

I identify these as two distinct issues, though the solution is similar... "have fun, people like fooling around with people who are enjoying themselves"
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