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Originally Posted by oneofmany View Post
My feelings over the past four months have not changed as far as wanting both legs of our v. M appears to be dealing with some major issues that he is not willing to discuss at this time. It is almost as if he has made a complete turn around in a very short time with no explanation. This year has been very emotional for us all with M's parents having major health issues including a heart attack and progression with dementia. I am at a loss as to what has happened - no major arguments, no problems within the v (and yes, I ask frequently to make sure he is still getting his needs met). M has just made some drastic changes and no one is aware of why.

The V had been closed at M's request and Blue and I were not aware of the new gf until recently. It has been quite an emotional rollercoaster with M the past few weeks.
Might want to take a look into whether or not your husband is in a mid-life crisis, or existential crisis, if you prefer. Sounds like he may be facing some inner turmoil and doesn't know how to handle it. People react differently to their loved ones pending mortality, and in some cases react well beyond their usual selves.

He may not see himself as important to your lives anymore, or he may be pushing away everyone close to him because he feels like his life doesn't measure up to whatever internal standards he once hoped for. Whatever the case, he sounds emotionally detached from his home life and has lost his sense of valuing the things that were once important to him. People who make major life decisions while under that spell often have great regret later for what they do during a time like this.

I wish you all well, and I think your husband needs some patience (and possibly some help) to work through these things that have disturbed him. Don't allow him to forget what you need from him, and how much you do care and love him.
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