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Exclamation Update!

Hello all and thank you for your input thus far.

So as you know My wife and Nikki are dating (or together) or whatever you wanna call it at this point

Nikki recently moved in with us because her living situation imploded. NOT because it was a "lets move in together step"

Since I am not involved in their relationship currently I try to keep my distance and try not involve myself in any of their relationship dealings. However I feel like with me being there and around them all the time that I get pulled in or they will think about how I will feel about something before they do it. And the whole reason why I'm not involved is so they don't have to feel that way.

Today I suggested in the best interest of meeting our goal (which is to all be in a "triad" relationship" that I could stay with a friend for a few weeks so they could have a time to focus on connecting with each other. Like I said in my previous post My wife and I have a connection Nikki and I have a connection but My wife and Nikki don't.

What is your take on this solution?
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