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After comments and what I felt inside (he's working today) I sent him a text asking if we still need more discussions, am I not meeting any of his current needs, that our relationship with PR is just sex (not an emotional relationship) and it seems like he's not emotionally ready yet for me to meet some one, and that the whole when do I meet M felt like a control issue.

He called me back to discuss and basically (rule #1) don't bring any thing up in the morning. Mid day is probably best. This is where I let him know when I end up sitting on a subject, it puts me into a position of feeling like I'm not being upfront, but as long as he is okay with me waiting to discuss when he's in an awake mind frame, then I can wait. The whole meeting thing was more long-term, if it goes further and if activities with M are done with the kids, etc.

Glad this was figured out quickly. Oh I hope the word "veto" in my house will only be heard from the TV when Big Brother is on.

thanks for the replies and it looks like i'm having a date early Wednesday evening with M.
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