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Default Part 2

As I was saying, I'd been a bit worried that Wendigo was avoiding us, because he tends to withdraw whenever he feels that he is being a threat to our relationship, so once I had the two of them upstairs, it took a minute or two to convince Wendigo to actually get into bed and not just sit tentatively on the edge, but then, it was like riding a bike only better, only briefly interrupted by the Chinese delivery guy. (The last time we were all together was before my surgery and there were some positions that had been off limits that aren't anymore.) Some fucking amazing hot, sticky, sweaty, messy sex was had and Runic Wolf kept his promise to Wendigo. After, we were all sated, we ate our dinner and entertained our company for game night.

Two weeks ago, Runic Wolf wretched his knee at fighter practice, missed two days of work, and returned to work on crutches. It was a week before he went to the ER and was diagnosed with having ruptured 3 of the 6 fluid sacks around his knee - he's looking at 5-8 weeks of recovery time. Since his doctor didn't put him out of work and he was down to one crutch, the foreman let him stay and work the remainder of last week. Up until Friday, when the owner found out and made him get a note. So now he's out of work for 2 weeks, which means that it will be just Wendigo and I driving home from work for the next couple of weeks. Should be interesting.

I had a rough day Friday between having to leave work to run Runic Wolf to the doctor and my boss letting me know that I won't be getting a full day off again until Friday (if I use PTO). I'm working weekends right now, but since they aren't full 8 hour days, I can take half days Tues and Wed, but can't have a full day off because my consumers won't have coverage. :/ Anyways, Wendigo went out of his way to cheer me up on the car ride home and to let me know that even though it's been 3 weeks since our last date, he's been thinking about me. He even kissed me goodbye in his driveway, in broad daylight, with his son and nephews and possibly his sister-in-law in a position to see. (If they looked out the windows). This is a big deal to me, because, in the past, we had to be extra careful to not be seen. We've been Skyping periodically this weekend and he was disappointed that I couldn't stay up and chat with him last night when I got home from my friend's birthday party.

In other good news, last week Runic Wolf and I attended a BDSM munch and met another poly couple who were new to the area. Runic Wolf and the wife seem to have hit it off and are going out for coffee this afternoon. She actually asked him out to get to know him better and then asked him to make sure it was okay with me. I liked that because a) She asked him first and didn't ask me for "permission". b) She was considerate enough to check with me and work around my work schedule to be able to see him.

More good news is I got fitted for my belly dancing garb yesterday and the seamstress is fabric shopping for it today. I'm going to be taking lessons over the winter.
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