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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
Murf didn't meet Butch until 6 months into our relationship.

I personally could not deal with my husband requiring to meet my potential dates. He is nor the one dating them. Now if they will be meeting my kids that is a different story.
When did you tell Butch about Murf?

I am more relaxed about this so when DH has a date, I don't really see myself needing to meet her. Depending on how I feel, right now I don't see any reason why DH would need to meet M. He says he wants me to be "safe" but I'm a big girl and not our teen daughter on her first date.

I'm thinking DH is (why not to discuss in the morning) having issues with control more than anything else. It appears we need more discussion so I can feel comfortable setting up a date to meet M.
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