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I have several areas where in I can begin to feel insecure.

Not being included is one. I also don't feel like she's texting me, while spending the day with him, as much as she'd text her new partner if she were spending the day with me.

Being replaced as the date for special events like poly camps or Burning Man events.

Feeling that I'm not enough:

-Sexually (oral skills, foreplay massage, flirty buildup, setting the stage, bdsm scene ideas)

-Fun (talking, laughing, joking, dancing, music tastes, date ideas)

-Life goals/career (but this much less often, much less).

-Clothing style (tiny wee bit)

I'm one of 3 boyfriends now (plus hubby). It took me about 2 years to start feeling more secure when I first started dating her. I was 1 of 2 boyfriends (plus hubby) for 3.5 years.

I got counselling and took a self esteem class. I may need to do that again.

I'm confident about (in this relationship):

My level of fitness/figure.
My accent.
That I'm a horseman.
That I can build things.
That I like to read.
Fingering (it's not foreplay but the Grand Finale, quite often).

**You may be surprised to learn that she and I led a class on jealousy and insecurity this spring at a poly gathering.

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