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Originally Posted by Inyourendo View Post
Interesting. I don't know how I feel about that. I guess you guys have all agreed to.that boundary. It just seems kind of odd to.have that one.
It served a purpose at a point in time. Today is a somewhat better day. The temper has cooled and he suggested it was probably past time to renegotiate boundaries (which it is-but that's a different story).

Keeping in mind-we were dealing with re-earning trust. Which is wholly different than agreeing together to open a relationship. So there were boundaries created for the purpose of giving time to re-earn trust etc.

Anyway-It was a shitty day dealing with hurt feelings and temper. But having slept on it, he's calmed down (he's also gone-been out of town for work for 6 weeks) from the initial "WTF" and at a "ok, this is a minor detail and we should renegotiate".

Anyway-I relaly only came back to reply-because I liked your response. Primarily because I know perfectly well it's a boundary that in and of itself is confusing to most people here-and yet you were so respectful about it being an agreement we made for reasons unknown.

I wanted to say thank you-because it's so easy on here for people to jump into "that's fucking ridiculous and unfair" and some things are-it's true. But sometimes, unfair is exactly what is needed to allow the consequences of a different "unfair" to heal.

So anyway-thank you for your kindness. It really did touch my heart.
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