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Originally Posted by monopoly4376 View Post
I've posted before, so, hello again. The guy that I was with, we broke up, so I never really got a chance to explore poly at all. I'm hoping to talk about it with my therapist on Tuesday, and so I'd like to ask...

What's your advice for someone that wants to explore poly but doesn't actually know anyone who is poly?

Thanks =).
Read and post here, so that you can get a sense of the different philosophies utilized, the myriad of configurations such relationships can take, and how to handle situations as they arise.

You can open a profile on OKCupid stating that you are poly; you can do keyword searches utilizing poly, and will come up with others' profiles who state they are poly.

I made a wonderful new friend that way. We are not involved romantically, but discovered we had many other things in common.
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