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My feelings over the past four months have not changed as far as wanting both legs of our v. M appears to be dealing with some major issues that he is not willing to discuss at this time. It is almost as if he has made a complete turn around in a very short time with no explanation. This year has been very emotional for us all with M's parents having major health issues including a heart attack and progression with dementia. I am at a loss as to what has happened - no major arguments, no problems within the v (and yes, I ask frequently to make sure he is still getting his needs met). M has just made some drastic changes and no one is aware of why.

The V had been closed at M's request and Blue and I were not aware of the new gf until recently. It has been quite an emotional rollercoaster with M the past few weeks.
Our roles
Me (OneofMany) - Poly F, 44, the hinge in our v.
M - my husband of 15 years, met 30 years ago
Blue - my bf - living with us since 1/2012
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