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Again, a while since I've posted here and as always, a lot has happened in our lives. I think this will be a 2 parter.

About 6 weeks ago, Runic Wolf, Wendigo, and I were Skyping and Wendigo was quite drunk. He was flirting quite heavily with Runic Wolf, openly confessing his attraction and how much he missed what little sexual component they've had in their relationship. I'll admit, it had been a very long while since we'd last had a 3-some and I was missing them too, but know better than to rock the boat and press Runic Wolf to explore his heteroflexibleness too quickly. Wendigo has no desire to push Runic Wolf too quickly either, but obviously with an entire bottle of whiskey in him, he's going to speak his mind. I fear he may have come off as a bit desperate at times, but another "good" thing came of the conversation.

Several years ago, Runic Wolf overheard a scene that Wendigo and I were engaged in, not realizing/ believing it was a scene, but not wanting to confront us about it, he's been bottling up his feelings, believing that I secretly believed he wasn't good enough, that I would rather have sex with only Wendigo, which is definitely not the case. However, Wendigo and I have inadvertently developed a D/s dynamic over the last 4 years and I will cater to his cuckholding fetish in scenes when we're alone. We'd thought we were alone and Runic Wolf overheard. When he confronted me about it, I told him it was just a scene, but I didn't get into Wendigo's fetish because it was something that he told me in confidence as his best friend. Runic Wolf didn't confront Wendigo about it for 2 years, letting it build up and eat away at him. But once they talked and Wendigo admitted to his fetish, explained that I was telling the truth all along, their relationship seems to have gotten back some of it's old life. Wendigo made me swear to help him make it up to Runic Wolf. That first week after was tense, on my part. I was afraid that Wendigo was avoiding us/ me because he slept the whole car ride home that week. The second week was better, but he still felt distant. (Stress at work, I later learned.) But when game night came that second week, our son was away at camp and we had an hour or so for the three of us.
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