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Originally Posted by Cleo View Post
It was wonderful and very healing to spend time with a guy who loves and adores me and who I love, and feel that we have this deep and lasting friendship that can take blows and still survive.

It got me thinking about what poly actually means to me - obviously it means loving and sexual relationships, but it also means these kinds of friendships, with an intimacy level that would be unthinkable for most of my friends who are in a relationship. It's something I would never want to give up ever again.
This sounds really wonderful; very happy for you. And I think you make a great point about the intimacy of friendships. To me, it seems like relationships fall along a continuum of intimacy, rather than in discreet categories, far more than is generally recognized. And I definitely value having intimacy of various kinds with more than my husband; I would be in pretty awful shape without it!
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