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So I recently printed out the Secondary's Bill of Rights. No matter what happens between Seven and I, I'm going to make sure that he and Lamian end up seeing these.

If we don't fall apart with all this drama then whenever I'm actually brought back into the conversation I'm going to have that be a forefront of what my needs are (that these rights, which if I'm honest as I was reading them I realized none of them have EVER been respected, actually be a part of how things are handled now). If we do, I had printed out three copies so we each could have one during a conversation and I'll leave them as little things for the two of them to come across (passive-aggressive I know, but on this level I don't care).

If I'm ever confronted with these for any reason I'll make sure that whoever does confront me knows that even if these don't change for my relationship with Seven if he ever wants someone else in his life they will have to change because no one else will put up with Lamian's bullshit as long as I did.
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