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Originally Posted by sweetness View Post
@Vampirescammy Honestly we do have somewhat seperate rules for poly vs. bdsm. And we are an old school, more traditional bdsm couple by the way. By that I mean we aren't frequenting the area play parties and scening on a regular. It seems we have reached a place of comfortable understanding of our roles in the relationship and things flow quite nicely in that area. The poly area is a whole different story. While some may look at my willingness to go along with it as a part of my submission, He and i do not see it that way really. We acknowledge that it is a challangeing area for me and address it outside of the D/s dynamic for the most part.

Yes she knows of the D/s dynamic in our relationship. I do think that her nurturing tendencies may be misleading him to think that she has subbie potential. I have told Him that one doesn't necessary lead to the other. What can I say, the Man has hope! *smiles* Regardless He is willling to be with her either way.

Our dialogue has been very open and flowing, these past few days especially. I appreciate this venue to be able express myself and hear some other thoughts other than my own on this and think it has helped me sort my ideas before presenting them to him, which has made for better communication.

Being nuturing in gneral, and being submissive in a sexual play style are two very different things. I hope he realizes this soon or he may be very disappointed.

It really sounds like you simply need to ask him to please slow things down a bit and let you get used to all of this and move forward when your ready. Remind him that doesn't mean a total stop, if your happy with things progressing, just slower is all.

Good luck
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