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Default Ahhhhhhh Love...

Below is a snippet from another forum I participate in.
Where we spend our time here largely talking about 'love' (largely without definition) and it's many manifestations I found this interesting.

If we were to give any credence to such possibilities - how does it affect many of the discussions we have here ?

Does it devalue them in any way ? Or enhance them ?


PS: I did have a response to this post expanding on some of the conceptual framework which I won't post here unless it seems appropriate to any responses.

Part of human knowledge of the nature of the universe is explained by the theory of Evolution, which provides a framework for explaining aspects of the anatomy, physiology, and behavior of all living beings in terms of the efficacy of those aspects for assuring the survival of the species. It can easily be shown that physical sensations of the body, which result from stimuli impinging on the sensory organs, have evolved because they (pleasurable sensations) tend to attract us towards things that are beneficial, or they (pain and other unpleasant sensations) tend to repel us from things that are detrimental. Likewise, we can show that most mammals feel compelled to intervene on behalf of a member of the same species when that other expresses pain or appears to be in peril. This is particularly true in the case of two individuals whose lives are closely conjoined, as in a familial relationship. Thus, the scientific explanation for the fact that [if one person loves another, they would gladly do (nearly) anything to prevent the ones they love from suffering], is that this is a response that has evolved because it has contributed to the survival of the species. Any reasonable person will have this tendency, will feel sympathetic pain, will do what they can to prevent or alleviate the pain of another because it is in our genes. We value this tendency and call it an expression of “love” for good reason: it preserves our species, and particularly those individual members of our species who are closest to us genetically.

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