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Unhappy need advice please

Let me start from the beginning... I have been in a 11year relationship with a bi female. We were both very open and honest about our sexuality from the beginning. During the course of our relationship I never really had a boyfriend I did have several sexual encounters with men but no relationship. 1year into our relationship she met a lesbian female who became her consistant friends with benefits. I had no problem with their arrangement. I became really great friends with her. After about 2 years I proposed to her and she accepted. After about 4years the woman y stoppedseeing to one another and completelyceased to be together. A few years pass and we bo have sex with others but no extra relationships. Then one day I meet a man I want a relationship with we get together and we have been together for 4years now. Since my male lover and myself have gotten together she decided to visit another couple out of town. I had no problem with that and she came back after a visit and said she was moving in with the other couple consisting of a straight male and a bi female. I had no problem with that as well. Here comes my problem... We talk every day on the phone since she has moved away. She came back for a visit and things became hot and heavy between us and she stopped me saying she was not allowed to be intimate with me. I was taken aback. Now when she visits we have no sexual contact but we have a strong emotional connection and still love each other. How do I tell her that the new man in her life is not quite conforming to a poly relationship ? Is it my place to even bring it up? She has lived with the couple for about 1 year now. Should I let her figure this out or is she now a lost cause because she lives with them now and visits us instead of vice versa? Any help out there please help?
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