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Originally Posted by XYZ123 View Post
I am true bisexual and go into "man phase" and "woman phase" sexually, and always have. One sex does it for me and the other does nothing.
I like this. Because I think it exposes some hidden wisdom that maybe doesn't really get discussed ? Or maybe discussed enough.

I think everyone goes through various 'phases' in their life - not only with sexuality. And I think it's not really identified as such sometimes, which can lead to confusion & misunderstanding. Some people I think tend to latch on to that current 'phase' as some definition of who they are or what they believe and want to just dispose of any/every thing else.

Every time I see a lot of these conversations taking place about sexuality I see it as just our growing, learning & understanding of where sexuality fits into our lives. Our views and approach are very much phase related.
And I always drift back to the thought of "wouldn't it have been wonderful if much of this knowledge had been made available to us when we were 13 or 14 years old ?". Not encouraged but simply explained. We wouldn't have had to spend such enormous chunks of our lives stumbling around, making all these 'new' discoveries, figuring out what they mean to us. Making some sometimes serious mistakes. We'd have been more in a position of hitting those points of "Oh - I remember someone telling me about this once - now here it is"

And I think even as we learn where all this fits best within us we will continue to experience 'phases' keyed by our moods that are derived by what's happening in our life overall. I just feel it's wiser and more healthy to understand that phase relationship rather than to continually feel we have redefined ourselves and now need to throw out all we have learned and experienced before. You never know when another phase may come around that finds that old experience valuable.

If that makes any sense lol

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