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Right. I do not even feel like feigning politeness, and I do not need someone around that I cannot trust. It is better with no contact. I have no doubt that our paths will cross; the unfortunate side of having mutual friends. I know how to avoid people I wish to have no contact with, so even those situations will not pose a problem. The next time will be my bestie's vow renewal in October, and I am not overshadowing her special day with the dramatics. *shrug*

The level of balance is satisfactory to those in my household. Naturally, I have people who bitch about us having a nanny, claim I need to spend more time with my children, and basically lose my identity in being a wife and mother. That may have worked in the 1950s, but it is 2013. I am a hands on and modern mother. I can treat myself to a blowout and mani/pedi and still take my daughter to the park. I can find time to take a yoga class and still be at ballet recitals. I can take salsa lessons and still be around for homework, dinner, and bedtime routines. I see nothing wrong with wanting to have an identity outside of my children.

I encounter people every day whose lives revolve around their children. What they ate, what they said, what kind of marks they made at school, and they lack the ability to hold a grown-up and stimulating conversation. They have no interests, hobbies, or anything outside of being someone's wife and mother. I do not want to be like that. It is possible to strike a balance amongst my interests, my career, and my family life. I have done it, and this formula is working. I find that the most judgemental people tend to be childless or have not had a dependent child in 15-20 years. No two parenting styles are the same, and I have carved out my own style. I am confident in how I am raising my children.
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