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Originally Posted by oneofmany View Post
I want to thank everyone for the advice.

I am definitely uncertain of what my role is in his life anymore. We have discussed the possibility of ending the relationship but he is hard set against this and suggested that Blue and I remain in the house as possible room mates. This is quite a shock considering less than a month ago he was adamant that the v remain closed.

I will look into starting a blog as this may be away to sort through my thoughts and feelings.

Once again thank you all.
Before you go into one direction or another - What happened between now and four months ago when you 'couldn't imagine not having either in your life'?

There are some major holes in your story, and your husband getting a girlfriend doesn't add up to a divorce. What's really been going on?

Splitting up seems all too easy, by how you're narrating. That's not making sense.
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