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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Are there any men here who shave their pubic area and/or chest on a regular basis? Just wondering why you do it, and if you do it yourself or go somewhere to have it done. My new lover is completely shaven (chest, groin, balls, everything) and this is the first time I've ever been with a man who does that. A friend of mine wondered if he likes to wear leather underwear and maybe being shaved feels better for that - hahaha! I'm going to ask him his motivation next time we're together, but I'm interested in other perspectives from the guys out there. Thanks!
I'm glad I found this! I'm 34 and I have shaved "down there" for 15 years now. I've always hated having hair there. Last year, I asked my wife about what she'd think if I shaved from the neck down. She was indifferent about it but stated she helped her ex shave so I took the plunge. I've been cleanly shaven from the neck down for over a year now (except the arms...she won't let me do them and I wouldn't want people at work to know I shave anyway). I got past the ingrown hairs and rarely get them now because I've been doing this so long. I absolutely cannot stand body hair and think it's gross and disgusting, especially a full bush! I just don't subscribe to the social norm that men shouldn't shave body hair. I also don't think they should be chastised if they do shave/groom. Anyway she likes it, especially my back cleanly shaven and now she's so used to it that if I go a week or more without shaving I get comments about it. I love nothing more than her hands and fingers on my back during sex, especially with finger nails! I also tan too. I guess you could call me a metrosexual but I don't do nails and stuff LOL. I just don't want to be pale and hairy. I've spent all my life not really caring about how I look or being able to afford to do much about it and now I do.

The biggest problem that I run into sometimes are the red bumps that come up, particularly around the bikini line area, bum, and armpits. My solution is this. I have a small travel bottle that I use but I altered the recipe a bit to: 10 aspirins ground up with a mortar and pestle, 5 drops of glycerin, and enough water to fill the container (about a 1/4 cup maybe). I keep the bottle in the shower and after I'm done shaving, I shake vigorously and apply to my pubic area, bum, and pits like a tonic. I get very few red bumps afterward. A good, clean, sharp, 3 blade razor is perfect for this too.

As for shaving my "coinpurse" I found it best to shave it when it's a little cold...when it's all drawn up. If the nuts hang low I can't do it. A dip in a cup of cold water helps.

Last, I love a good shaved vaj, even it's still a little prickly. In fact, prickly is like sweet agony to me and it gets me off every time!

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