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Originally Posted by Emm View Post
Does her heart and mind agree?
I can't say to that. She would be the one to say if she has changed her heart and mind. I want to also add, that I had inadvertantly forgot to mention that there were a few other minor incidents if untruthfulness. I'm fairly certain these did not help with the rebuilding of trust.

Originally Posted by Emm View Post
When the two of you agreed that the Her half could date, was a down-the-track dating option for the Him half mentioned? If not I could understand it seeming like a bait 'n switch when it suddenly came up.
At the time, her dating was the only option. She had a in-house date one night, and after seeing them interact, I realized that she was going to get to enjoy NRE again, and prolly several more times. I started to feel jealous of that. I had them mentioned that I had started thinking about dating again. She explained that it would take some time for her to be comfortable with that idea. No "time table" had been given. I realize I kinda "sprung" this in her, but I was just trying to have some fairness here while maintaining her comfort level and helping to increase that.

UPDATE: After a good long discussion last night. I now have a friends only profile on OKC. In addition I have made it clear that she may seek other men "as friends" to help with my comfort level with that aspect. I see forward progress together. Thank you all for your input.
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