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I am a bi woman, she's a straight woman. I have the "looking for friends" box checked so straight women will show up on my feeds now and then because of that. I have no idea what her settings are to know whether or not I would ever show up in one of her random things.

In theory I could get fired over it, precisely because of the employment at will thing, however I don't really see it happening. I work in a field where there is a very high turnover rate and stability is coveted so if anything my company would probably transfer me to another location (still in the same city) if current coworkers decided they had a problem with me.

I think I was just a little freaked out because I didn't expect it. I have actually considered coming out before, since another coworker is interested in a few events that I attend. They are both poly and kink friendly, which she isn't aware of, the activities themselves sound fun to her so if I invited her along (as she has hinted she would appreciate), I would have to explain the situation to her beforehand. For some reason, doing it on MY terms doesn't scare me, but the idea of being "discovered" does. I am, apparently, not a fan of the unknown.
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