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Originally Posted by PolyPaganHim View Post
Flashforward to today. It has been 3 wonderful years since "the incident". In my mind and heart I have felt I have proven my trust to her. I have dedicated my everything to rebuilding that bridge and making it stronger, IMO.
Does her heart and mind agree? Trust is difficult to rebuild. It's not just a matter of ticking a certain number of boxes and getting a clean slate.
Originally Posted by PolyPaganHim View Post
First we agreed to allow her to date, and I stay mono. That didnt seem fair to me, since I believe the same things she does. So we began talking about moving forward to allowing me to date, but she had to get over the past loss in trust in me.
When the two of you agreed that the Her half could date, was a down-the-track dating option for the Him half mentioned? If not I could understand it seeming like a bait 'n switch when it suddenly came up. It's all well and good to harbour feelings of unfairness, but if you've not expressed them then you can't complain that they've not been addressed in a timely fashion. Ask for what you want. Don't try to accrue martyr points expecting that you can then redeem them for the relationship concession of your choice.
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