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Originally Posted by PolyPaganHer View Post
You make a very valid point and truthfully I had not looked at it that way... maybe out of fear. I am not sure. I honestly think its been a lot for me to wrap my head around and its brought up a lot of past feelings and new ones. The adjustment is coming because he had expressed that he bad no desire to date and as of a week ago he has begun to think about. They are just thoughts at this point. I am probably over thinking things and being a little more emotional than I should be. Its just been a lot of me to process. It definitely helps to have some one to talk to, that poses these questions, outside of just him. If that makes sense
It can be overwhelming. I'm glad to help in any way possible, even if its just to talk. I am often the same way your husband is it would seem. At one point you think you can wait and be patient and then the next its like you might go crazy if you cannot just have things right now! lol. In my case, it is years of denying myself just bubbling to the surface. It is tough for those in our lives to keep up with our ever-changing impulses. I think the best thing to do is to keep making little advancements while still making sure your feeling secure about things. Perhaps if you give him something to work with in little steps it will keep him from wanting everything all at once.
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