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A little yard work is good for the soul...

And the yard, I suppose. The "yard tarp" (with all sorts of sticks and junk on it) is gone, leaving behind a square that needed more grass seed, and a big pile of kindling near the fire pit. The young mulberry I almost cut down early in the spring, thinking it was a weed (ooooops! ) needed some pruning, and looks fairly decent now. And the brain got to detach.

Hanging out on the deck now with the laptop and a glass of Riesling (that's got some good legs for a Riesling!), waiting for the kids to arrive.

Obviously, I'm treating "alone time with P" as if it's scarce. I've been fine up until now. What gives?

Yes, most of the powwows and "shared time" days are on my nights with P. It hasn't hit me like this before. The only thought I have at the moment is that the "coming down south more often" was open-ended, and I didn't know how much it would impact our alone time.

I'm a planner. I dislike stuff that isn't quantifiable, and tend to get dragged down into what COULD be when I don't have a firm what IS. I'm a software engineer, so that's what I am. Ain't no changing that, no matter how much self-introspection I do. Although maybe I should dork around with Perl some more, since I'm out of practice, and code myself into a headache that will shut out everything else...

Eh, no.

I think events and powwows are fine because they're planned. This open-ended stuff kills me. Obviously. I needed the schedule with P when M1 and I first got settled into our new routine because I was freaking out without one. This feels similar.

Anyway, I sent an email to M1 explaining what I felt earlier (before deducing all this), and she and P are being extremely supportive. I can't ask for better people to be going down this road with.

So, yes, feeling better, got some sort of theory I may be able to work with, and the kids will be here soon. We have an outing planned at the local amusement park tomorrow, and it'll be a busy day.

Have a great weekend, kids... no eating paste, you hear?
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