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Originally Posted by saudade View Post
My answer is actually a bit more complicated than some others' would be, I suspect. My two partners and I actually co-house with six other housemates (including one partner's sister) and any number of hangers-on (the number actually varies from day to day, and is much higher on weekends)... many of us went to Bennington College together, and then we all wound up moving to Boston.
Wow, now you have me curious. I used to be in with the co-housing community in Boston and Somerville! Now I'm wondering which house you may be talking about!

But you do raise a good point. Co-housing communities can offer a lot of good insight about building a household with a poly family.

Also, a wise and lovely friend of mine who is the hinge of a V with all three partners living together keeps a really neat blog about the life and times of a poly triad (getting into some nitty gritty stuff too):

Polyfulcrum's blog
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